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Bicester is the fastest growing town in Europe, a perfect place for yWe Media.

Local Community

Bicester is home to 38,000 people. With great transport links to Oxford, London, Birmingham and Milton Keynes, Bicester is a great place to do business and live. In 2013, the new town center was developed, including a Sainsbury's superstore and Vue Cinema.

yWe History

Radio Bicester was the first media organisation that Samuel Isaacs developed and built. The work and development of Radio Bicester lead to the begining of yWe Media. Bicester will always have a soft-spot with yWe.

Our Brands

Radio Bicester

Radio Bicester is Bicester independent online radio station. With 24 shows presented by the people of Bicester, there is something for everyone.

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Bicester TV (Launching 2020)

Bicester TV is Bicester's first dedicated TV station. Based online, the station will deliver local content that has been created by the local community. Launching in 2020, we are really excited about the future.

The Bicester Magazine (Re-Launching 2020)

In 2015 Radio Bicester created The Bicester Magazine, a quaterly magazine that was printed and distributed throughout Bicester. In 2020 we will be relaunching and digitalising The Bicester Magazine.


Our mission is to change the way we all think about community media. If you would like to sign up for regular updates on our progress, sign up here:

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