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Why yWe Media?

At yWe we believe that community media should be created by the local community.


The problem with the industry is nationalisation. Big media outlets are withdrawing their local presence and focusing on a national programme that syndicates out locally. The issue is, these syndications are in no way related to the local community.

Our Solution

The solution is yWe Media, a series of community media organisations where the local community creates the media for the community. It's a grassroots approach to local media that puts the community at the forefront.

Is this happening?

In 2019, Global Radio withdrew their local community radio stations and refocused to a national led approach. In 2013, Newsquest, the publication behind many local advertiser newspapers, moved most of their local journalists to their head office in Wales. All over the country, local media is being replaced with nationally led media. Community media is dying.

How can you help?

yWe cares about the local community, and wants to regenerate local community led media. You can help us by getting involved or by talking about our message to the people you know. There are several ways to help us out.

Join Us

Want to get involved in our project, join yWe! We are always looking for creators, producers, management members and more!

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yWe survives on advertising revenue. To do this we have created a series of really awesome and modern digital advertising packages. Next time you, or a business you know, needs help spreading the word, come and talk to us.

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Talk About The Cause

Believe there is a place for community led media? Talk about it, share your opinion and help us spread the message to the people you know. We really care about local communities and want them to continue.

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Our mission is to change the way we all think about community media. If you would like to sign up for regular updates on our progress, sign up here:

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