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South Coast

Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings are prime locations for yWe Media.

The tide is changing

The south coast is going through a period of modernisation, Eastbourne is becoming more and more like Brighton, year after year. There is a real change brewing, where the old style seaside towns are becoming modern havens for the next generation. This new modernisation is great for yWe Media.

Our Brands

Radio Eastbourne

Radio Eastbourne is Eastbourne's independent online radio station. With 20 shows live on the station, there is something for everyone.

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Radio Hastings

Radio Hastings is Hastings' independent online radio station. With With 20 shows live on the station, there is something for everyone.

Visit Radio Hastings

Coast TV (Launching 2020)

Coast TV is the south coast's first dedicated, community run TV station. Based online, the station will deliver local content that has been created by the local community. Launching in 2020, we are really excited about the future.

The Coastal Magazine (Re-Launching 2021)

We are looking to create a dedicated digital voice for the people of Eastbourne, Hastings and Brighton. This voice will be through the power of community based media. We are currently mapping out our options for The Coastal Magazine and plan to launch in 2021.

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